Other Vertical Structures

Several vertical structures can be built by means of the slipform executive process, such as stairway and elevator shafts for buildings in general, during the construction or subsequently; pillars for bridges and rectangular overhead bridges and pyramidal trunks that allow territorial traffic; ventilation ducts that convey clean air and exhaust foul air from internal an underground sites; several types of towers, and for numerous purposes such as telecommunications, gas scrubbing, among others; lock walls of hydroelectric power plants; abutment and retaining walls; among other structures that meet the minimum conditions to use this executive methodology.

CUNHA BRAGA came up building vertical structures, and has already delivered several projects in the last four decades using the slipform technique; thanks to the investments in research & development, the acquisition of technological equipment, and broad team experience, the company has been able to sustain its excellence in the high productivity of this kind of building.