Since 1976, CUNHA BRAGA has been building a history of excellence in all activities performed. With high quality, agility, safety and sustainability, strongly investing in staff training and the use of technological equipment, the company owns an experienced board of executive officers and a brilliant team of engineers specialized in construction planning and performance.

Gathering major customers in its portfolio CUNHA BRAGA has already performed civil construction works for both the private and public sectors, including the construction of warehouses, commercial and residential buildings, structural rehabilitation, and treatment plants, among others.

As a natural result of its notoriety mostly obtained by serving companies from the most varied industries, CUNHA BRAGA has consolidated itself as the best option for the development of a number of projects, prioritizing high safety level and rationalization of the use of natural resources (such as water and energy) along with the use of ecologically disposable products, adopting ecologically sustainable criteria that might be certified with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) seal.

Responsible for the most important national and international construction works performed through the use of the so- called “slipform system”, it has become a benchmark in building vertical structures such as industrial chimneys, storage silos, and water reservoirs, among others.

CUNHA BRAGA has been able to retain its clients for a long period, and has for nearly half a century maintained effective management with financial soundness, behaving like a socially-responsible company which supports low-income communities and contributes to social well-being; and such commitment to the society can be evidenced by the excellence in the execution of important dwelling, sanitation, urbanization and industrialization buildings.