Industrial Works

In general, industries require great safety and technical skills during the execution of construction works and every project needs to strictly account for the deadlines agreed, CUNHA BRAGA has set up, as from the 1990s, a team of professionals that has skills in this kind of scenario, and started carrying out civil works for the industrial segment in its entirety, including storehouses or production warehouses, administrative offices and buildings, laboratories, annexes such as gatehouses, docks, street layouts, curbs, landscaping, vaults, ponds, and the entire infrastructure necessary for major industrial projects.

CUNHA BRAGA develops precast structures performed on-site, whether metal or mixed, in concepts for rooftops, lateral closings, internal layouts, and floors, providing these projects with sophisticated foundations, hydraulic and electrical installations, industrial piping, overhead cranes, bases for sustaining extremely heavy dynamic equipment, meal and recreational areas such as cafeterias, gyms, locker-rooms, playgrounds, among other needs.