Residential Works

CUNHA BRAGA also gathers residential works in its portfolio, although on a smaller scale, performed with mastery.

Some of these important buildings constructed by the company can be seen in different cities in the State of São Paulo, such as Campinas, where Conde do Pinhal residential building is located, with 10 floors and 44 units measuring 89 m2; Cotia, where  Jotageo popular residential building complex is located, with 4 floors and 128 units with 57 m2; and São Sebastião, where Condomínio Village do Guaecá is located, consisting of 25 summer resort apartments in Spanish style, with 2,500 m2 of built area, among others.

These were works intended for the most different social classes, for both residential and recreational purposes, built with the same dedication, endeavor, engagement and high quality, socially contributing to the life improvement of many people.