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I looked for references in the market and noted the uniqueness of the slipform technology used by CUNHA BRAGA. They provided full time supervision of the construction works, and the attention and competence of those involved brought the solutions that we needed in a high safety level and fast pace for the construction of a chimney with 160 meters high and 12 meters in diameter.

Eng. Aluísio Victal

They were always right and loyal in performing the contract for Klabin’s construction work. They offered a cordial, straightforward, and transparent service, being extremely partners throughout the whole work period. CUNHA BRAGA also demonstrated to have great management techniques, focusing only on solving real issues, which showed to definitely reduce the deliverables’ period.

Eng. Ricardo Shigueo

They have performed construction works for VCP for more than 20 years, and are currently performing another project for Fibria. It is a good, competent and reliable company that respects deadlines. The company offers services with fast returns, punctuality and accuracy. The technology of their equipment is excellent, and the pieces of equipment used are small and can be allocated in small rooms.

Eng. Luis Augusto Castro

It is a serious and successful company in the area of concrete construction, especially through the use of slipform systems, which has for many years kept a respectful commercial relationship with CBA. It has long-time, attentive and concerned employees who work always hard for the company in either  planning or performing construction works, adopting safety standards that prevent the occurrence of accidents.

Eng. Albino Mercado

They have already performed several construction works for Ripasa and Suzano, offering competitive commercial conditions, meeting deadlines, and providing good quality services. They are incomparable in the slipform system and have a sense of partnership; they do not measure efforts to serve well, and work correctly, and always leave the doors open.

Eng. Adilson Masson